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Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show
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'Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show'
September 8th 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. The locker room emptied as John Zandig welcomed Chris Cash's family, spoke about the late Chris Cash, and showed a new, emotional video, and kicked off the show with three students looking to prove themselves. The video, and John's speech, stressed Cash's commitment and enjoyment in the wrestling business, being ahead of his time, and love for the fans.
  2. LJ Cruz def. Joe Gacy and Alex Colon in a three-way match that was well-received by the crowd. Great work by the CZW Wrestling Academy stand-outs to put on an exciting bout that had the crowd into it. Gacy and Colon's inability to get along was their downfall.
  3. Jon Dahmer & GQ def. Brodie Lee & Cheech after mis-communcation between Lee and Cheech led to GQ delivering a Cash Driver to Cheech. Brodie hit some knockout kicks and Cheech & he delivered an impressive back suplex/Blockbuster combo that almost got them the win. Another failed Cheech partnership...?
  4. Niles-Young hits the ring to apologize for his head-butt incident...except he apologizes for not head-butting EVERY CZW FAN. Joker comes out and delivers the sickest headbutt you have ever heard, splitting Niles wide open and sending blood gushing down his face. Niles is irate and wearing a crimson mask, with Joker delivering another thud as Niles tries to fend him off. Derek Frazier hits the ring, BLKOUT hits the ring, and a match is set for later. Insults galore tossed.
  5. "Diehard" Dustin Lee pinned Cloudy after reversing a Yoshi Tonic attempts into a sit-down pin, ala the Jig 'N Tonic. Post-match, Cloudy threw a tantrum at ringside and threw the announcer's table, upset at his losing streak.
  6. DJ Hyde def. Toby Klein to win the CZW New Horror Title in a Dog Collar Match following a Shadow Driver after Toby kicked out of the Summoning Lariat. Billy Gram and Maven Bentley were handcuffed to each other until the cuffs actually broke with Maven's repeated attempts to get into the ring and help his charge.
  7. BLKOUT fought Niles-Young & Derek Frazier to a no-contest when Team AnDrew interfered. Lobo hit the ring and made the match a three-way dance.
  8. Team AnDrew def. BLKOUT and Niles Young & Derek Frazier in a three-way dance when Drew Gulak scored the submission victory with the CHIKARA Special. Post-match, BLKOUT gave the new champions their respect, until Young & Frazier attacked Team AnDrew, from behind of course. Big ovation for the AnDrew title win. Sabian finally meets his match, BTW in one of the more humorous moments of the year!
  9. GQ won the Cash Battle Royal, also involving: Jimmy Starz, Hellaware Assassin, Jimmy & Colin Olsen, G. Raver, Greg Excellent, Cheech, Core, WHACKS, Jon Dahmer, CJ O'Doyle. WHACKS was thrown off the top rope through the announce table. Lots of sick ladder smashes. GQ delivered the Cash Driver off the top through a propped up ladder, and eliminated both Olsens for a comeback victory.
  10. - GQ is attacked by DJ Hyde during the celebration, only to be saved by Wifebeater & Toby Klein, who chokeslam Hyde through a table. Wifebeater then goes apeshit and cracks the tables and Hyde with a chair dozens of times.
  11. - Nicky Benz & WYSP's Alex introduce the "Nicky Benz Show" with guest Lobo. Disrespect shown to Lobo, who gives Benz the DVD
  12. - Drake Younger apologizes for not being able to compete after nearly losing a finger. Joker accepts apology. Scotty Vortekz calls Drake a pussy and says his injury isn't that bad. Drake insults Vortekz. Diehard comes to the ring to back-up Drake, but then turns on him and calls his injury "pretty damn gay" and calls him a coward. Danny Havoc hits the ring and the RAAGE Dojo with a ladder, and Lobo sanctions a 5-way for the Jr. Title.
  13. In a MUST-SEE main event, Danny Havoc def. Joker, Drake Younger, Diehard, & Scotty Vortekz in a ladder match to win the Jr. Heavyweight Title. Glass everywhere. Joker Driver off a ladder onto Vortekz through tons of chairs. Drake gets absolutely squashed through glass. Diehard and Vortekz sadistically bash in Drake's hand with chairshots. A stacked-up superplex/powerbomb Tower of Doom through chairs/glass/ladders. Just total chaos. Crowd with deuling "CZW!" and "HOLY SHIT!" chants. Havoc is left alone admist the chaos and climbs the ladder with the crowd going nuts to win the title. Drake was rushed to the hospital as per doctor's orders following the beating from Vortekz and Diehard and being hit with a high-air flying double-knee from Vortekz that exploded a glass panel and sliced Drake up, who was underneath and held by Diehard. Talk about taking advantage of someone.
  14. - Post-match, the locker room empties, the Cash family is again thanked, memories of Chris FUCKING Cash are shared, and we look forward to Saturday's TOD: Fast Forward.

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