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Choosing Sides
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'Choosing Sides'
October 13th 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Brodie Lee & Cheech def. The Olsen Twins (Jimmy & Colin Olsen) and CS2 (Dave Cole & J-Busta) in a three-way match. Pretty solid opening match-up with Cheech finally breaking the winless streak despite accidently clocking Brodie, who was well-received by the fans, with a kick. Cheech stole the pin from the Olsens, with Brodie sending the "Feel Good Tag Team of the Decade" flying outside the ring with devastating death kicks to the face.
  2. "The Black Jesus" Sabian (with Robby Mireno, Chrissy Rivera, and Ruckus) def. Cloudy with the Black Jesus Double-Stomp to become the #1 contender for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title. Cloudy was ripped apart by the crowd, and this resulted in him trashing the ringside area following another frustrating loss, and flipping off the fans from the stage. Crowd loves Sabian.
  3. Jon Dahmer & Danny Demanto def. CJ O'Doyle & Ryan McBride. Really fun match with a vocal crowd that saw Dahmer & Demanto use effective double-teams and power moves to annihilate O'Doyle and score the win. Dahmer & Demanto came off as a great tag-team combination. Post-match, Demanto runs down O'Doyle on the microphone as the crowd chimes in with their feelings.
  4. The Nicky Benz Show with Special Guests - CZW Wrestling Academy's 2007 Graduates LJ Cruz, Joe Gacy, and Alex Colon. Benz insults them but offers one of them a 1-on-1 match, which each wrestlers feels they should get. Benz has his hairpiece ripped off by LJ Cruz, resulting in a cheap shot and beatdown. Greg Excellence makes the save with a chair and has choice works for Benz.
  5. CZW World Champion Ruckus (with Sabian, Robby Mireno, and Chrissy Rivera) def. The Human Tornado in a ladder match by claiming the title after Tornado had actually pulled it down first, but official Brandon Neff had his face buried in Chrissy Rivera's chest and never saw it. Post-match, Tornado and Ruckus "squashed the heat" and started a Soul Train dance party, with many CZW fans joining in.
  6. Niles Young & Derek Frazier (with Noel Harlow) def. CZW World Tag Team Champions Team AnDrew (Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner) to win the titles when Frazier scored the pin with a roll-up and handful of tights. Crowd saluted Niles, Noel, and Frazier with an endless supply of insults and was really behind Team AnDrew. Fast-paced match-up that saw the challengers first isolate Sumner with some sneaky tactics. Gulak looked absolutely heartbroken to lose the titles, Sumner was in complete shock, and the ex-champions were given a round of applause despite the Young & Frazier walking out the NEW champs!
  7. "The Black Jesus" Sabian (with Robby Mireno, Ruckus, & Chrissy Rivera) pinned CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Danny Havoc to win the title after Brain Damage hit the ring, distracted Havoc, and allowed DJ Hyde to fold Havoc in half with the Shadow Driver. Robby Mireno of BLKOUT then thanked The MBA for their assistance but made it known this one was "on the house" from Maven. Brain Damage drops the double knees from the corner, crushing Havoc's skull into a pane of glass. Havoc is attached to a stretcher, but Damage & Hyde return, pummeling him right hands and chops. The two then toss Havoc and the backboard over the top rope, with Havoc crashing through chairs and a large road sign, in a possible career-ending maneuever from the MBA. The story of the championship match had Havoc not being able to hang with Sabian's speed or technical prowess, but Sabian was out of his element when Havoc turned the match into a brawl and used his unique strike-heavy offense, and absolutely crushed Sabian's head in with a Northern Lights Bomb off the ring apron through a table.
  8. Ultraviolent Underground Champion Brain Damage & New Horror Champion DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) def. Tough Crazy Bastards (The Necro Butcher & "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein) with "Halfbreed" Billy Gram when Hyde scored the pin with a roll-up. Damage had blood pouring from his head and Hyde was severely lacerated on the top of his head. Necro brought some seriously brutal punches and nailed Hyde with a top-rope huracanrana. Wild match that saw The MBA steal one from TCB. Gram was cracked with a vicious steel chair shot. Brain Damage, despite blood gushing from his face and taking numerous tough shots, at one point simply shrugged off an attack from Toby Klein and stood tall. Perhaps the use of the glass by The MBA before this contest on Havoc was well-thought out, as both TCB members compete in bare feet. At any rate, another win for Maven's group.
  9. The Naptown Dragons (Scotty Vortekz & "Diehard" Dustin Lee) with Maven Bentley defeated Drake Younger & J.C. Bailey after powder was thrown and the Dragons stole a victory with a roll-up. Crowd was strongly behind Drake & J.C., making his Philadelphia return. Post-match, The MBA attempts to end Drake & Bailey's careers, but are run-off by Necro & Toby, with Lobo attempting to DVD Bentley, but the promoter escaped. Lobo announces Bentley is banned from ringside next month, and confirmed that Necro, Toby, Drake, and J.C. were all on the other side of the war against Bentley leading into Cage of Death IX.

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