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Best Of The Best 7
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'Best Of The Best 7'
July 14th 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. The Human Tornado pinned Ruckus (with Robby Mireno & Chrissy Rivera! ) in an exciting, entertaining rematch from Cage of Death VIII. Tornado's groin strength was tested, Rivera, Mireno, and Ruckus were humiliated with breakdancing low-blows, Ruckus broke up a pre-match dance-off, and Tornado finally for his revenge for Last Team Standing and Cage of Death VIII.
  2. Ricochet pinned Chuck Taylor with a beautiful Shooting Star Press. Both men were very well received by the crowd for their hard work in this, their CZW singles debuts.
  3. Ruckus then hit the ring, obviously pissed at the events of last year's and this year's BOTB. He said the tournament was officially cancelled until he got to fight someone and show why Ruckus alone runs Philadelphia, not anyone from CZW or any other promotions trying to come into his house. CZW World Champion Justice Pain answered the call, telling Ruckus that this was Pain's company, and the crowd was fired up for a huge brawl that security broke up. A title match wa s demanded and signed for later in the show!
  4. B-Boy pinned Cheech. Really good match, as the returning B-Boy and Cheech both looked great. Very close match, with Cheech scoring a 2.9 count with his "Go 2 Cheech" knockout shot, only for B-Boy to just get to the ropes. B-Boy, a BOTB veteran, was able to rebound and score the pin. Crowd applauded both wrestler's efforts.
  5. Ricky Reyes def. Sal Thomaselli (with Vito Thomaselli). Crowd was a bit hostile with both competitors, as they're no fans of the Thomaselli's tactics, and weren't sure what to think of Reyes' return to CZW after a brief stint in 2006. Reyes looked sharp, with Sal & Vito using various dirty tactics to gain the advantage on their more singles-experienced opponent. Neither wrestler was willing to lose and several near-falls resulted, but it was Reyes, the "Havana Pitbull" who ultimately proved his place in the tournament with a big victory to advance.
  6. Jigsaw pinned Grim Reefer with a knockout superkick. Crowd was very into both wrestlers, with Reefer actually getting the majority of the cheers early and then the crowd really getting behind Jigsaw as the match ensued. Jig was unable to execute the Jig N Tonic, and after a good bout scored with a devastating superkick that knocked Reefer down for the 3-count. Reefer got a big ovation post-match.
  7. Scotty Vortekz pinned Cloudy after his Flying Double Knee-Stomp. Cloudy just cannot find a way to defeat Vortekz, with a ladder causing his downfall in this match. Cloudy, who looked well on his way to scoring the win over the Junior Heavyweight Champion Vortekz, decided to bring a ladder into the ring to finish him off. This turned out to be a mistake, as Vortekz recovered, sent Cloudy into the ladder head-first, and delivered his finisher for the pin.
  8. Brandon Thomaselli pinned Vito Thomaselli after a modified. Canadian Destroyer on the rampway and several devastating lung-blower variations, including one of the sit-out powerbomb variety. Crowd wasn't sure what to think before the match, as both wrestlers were rather despised. By the end of the contest, they were feverishly chanting "Thomaselli!" to applaud both wrestlers. Good match that saw Vito refuse to give in to Brandon's excellent offensive attack. The IWA-Mid South Champ had the match in the bag following a sickening Destroyer piledriver on the rampway.
  9. Joker def. Drake Younger by submission. As Drake stood in the ring, the fans lit up the building with a huge "Drake!" chant. Joker's shocking return to CZW led to a big "Joker!" chant, splitting the crowd. Really hard-hitting match saw Drake, who's incredible schedule may have finally gotten to him, trapped in a cross-face variation by Joker, with absolutely no way to escape. Joker choked the life out of Drake until the TOD Champion was forced to submit.
  10. CZW World Championship: Ruckus (with Robby Mireno & Chrissy Rivera) pinned Justice Pain to win the title. Hot match that saw Pain come in through the crowd and start a huge brawl with Ruckus. Pain had Ruckus for dead with the Pain Thriller until Mireno interfered, leading to Mireno being put through a table in the corner with the Pail Thriller. Pain then took out Rivera as the injured Sabian came out. Pain fought the odds, by the way, with his injured eye being split wide-open and blood gushing out of it. Ruckus then grinded a lit-up blunt in the champion's eye, causing him intense pain, and allowing the BLKOUT to hold down Pain's legs as Ruckus scored the shocking title win to become a 3-Time CZW World Champion.
  11. INTERMISSION (attendance - 536)
  12. BOTB Semi-Final Elimination Match: Joker def. Ricky Reyes, Vortekz & Human Tornado. Vortekz was first-eliminated, followed by Tornado, who attempted to separate Joker & Reyes but was ultimately caught up in one too many double-teams. Reyes & Joker, partners and good friends, had a stare down and then absolutely went berserk on each other, delivering some sick shots, with Joker catching Reyes with a quick pin to eliminate his friend from BOTB. Post-match, Reyes was upset, but finally shook hands with Joker, raised his hand, and wished him luck.
  13. BOTB Semi-Final Elimination Match: B-Boy def. Ricochet, Brandon Thomaselli & Jigsaw. On a show full of really good matches, a lot of fans near me claimed this was the Match of the Night. Jigsaw finally got his Jig N Tonic on, Ricochet hit a disgusting super corkscrew moonsault, B-Boy crushed faces and brought back the Wizard, and Thomaselli continued to bring his back/rib-crushing offense that impressed the crowd. Ricochet and Jigsaw had a really good series of counters and near-falls together. Came down to B-Boy and Jigsaw, and B-Boy just could not put Jig away, as the two fought a close final fall in the match. Ultimately, a in a match between two huge fan favorites, it was the BOTB-experienced B-Boy taking it and moving onto the finals.
  14. CJ O'Doyle pinned Jon Dahmer to continue O'Doyle's unblemished record in CZW, after having his chest painted red from Dahmer's vicious chops.
  15. Team AnDrew - Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner def. Javi-Air & Ryan McBride. Crowd absolutely detets Javi & McBride, chanting various obscenities that won't be repeated here. Javi & McBride actually dominated a good portion of this contest, perhaps catching Team AnDrew off-guard following their win over BLKOUT in Delaware last month.
  16. Mitch Ryder, UVU Champion Brain Damage, and DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) def. The Necro Butcher, New Horror Champion Toby Klein (with Billy Graham), and Danny Havoc in a brutal, bloody, and violent six-man tag team war. A disgusting match that saw Ryder's head carved open, Brain Damage attempt to knock more of Havoc's teeth out, and Danny actually stand toe-to-toe with Damage and kick him in the face, resulting in a huge ovation. Necro and DJ squared off, with DJ holding his own, and the two battling into the crowd and merchandise area. Klein's barefooot approach cost him, as DJ airplain-spinned him and released him on thousands of thumb-tacks in the ring, leaving him prone and wide-open for a lariat that ended the bout.
  17. BOTB Championship: Joker def. B-Boy to win Best of the Best VII. Joker user an uppercut early on to dislocate B-Boy's elbow, popping it out of place and leaving the "New Age Punisher" in no shape to continue. A questionable, but no doubt effective maneuver. B-Boy rebounded, but fighting Joker with one arm will never work, and the "Cambodian Axe-Murderer" quickly put down B-Boy to win in a match-up between two of Strong Style's finest.
  18. Drake Younger was deemed the "Fan's Choice" winner, based on the crowd's reaction to each of the tournament participant's names, and received a trophy.
  19. Joker, in the ring with the BLKOUT, including the injured "Black Jesus" Sabian, was congratulated for his hard work and winning the tournament. It was said that Joker left CZW for a little while, and things happen in the wrestling business, but he was now back home, he busted his ass, and he emerged victorious. The crowd applauded as the show ended around 12:25 AM.

Best of the Best 7 Winner - Joker

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