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August 12th 2006
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Sonjay Dutt defeated Andy Sumner, Drew Gulak, and Derek Frazier to win #1 Contendership for the Jr. Heavyweight Championship.
  2. The WIFEBEATER returned to defeat Danny Havoc with a Chokenstein. Zandig and his Son came to the ring to cut Danny Havoc's hair as payback for their actions at TOD V. A riot ensued, as DJ Hyde made his way from the back, already bloodied at the hands of Wifebeater. The Blackout jumped the owner of CZW and helped DJ Hyde spear each one of the Zandigs thorugh barbed wire boards while being in a tree of woe. After the brawl, The Blackout confronted Eddie Kingston in the ring. They said that he was "Zandig's Little Servant" for his work in the Ring of Honor event last month. They also blamed Eddie for a recent tag team loss in Canada. Eddie defended himself verbally and prompted the rest of Blackout to beat him down. They left the ring, and Eddie alone, saying "I'm done" before heading to the back.
  3. "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney defeated LuFisto with a roll up. Kevin Steen made his way to the ring and called LuFisto a whore and told her to get out of the ring. Steen proclaimed that in honor of his 1 year anniversary as New Horror Champ, he should be able to defend his title in a singles match. Zandig came out and told him he can defend it later in their match, and if Steen was pinned he would lose the title to whoever pins him. Zandig called LuFisto back to the ring. Since she was also Canadian, Zandig put her on Kevin Steen's team in the main event. Steen was irate and went screaming to the back! The CZW owner stated that he had to rush his son to the hospital and to get this show rolling again!
  4. The New Jersey Allstars: Lucky & JC Ryder defeated Cheech & Cloudy when Ryder scored a roll up on Cloudy.
  5. Pandora's Box: Messiah & Adam Flash defeated Luke and his Mystery Partner: The Necro Butcher after Messiah hit the Godsmack on Luke.
  6. In an ALL OUT WAR: The Forefathers of CZW (Nick Gage, Justice Pain, & EDDIE KINGSTON) defeated The Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian, Joker, & Robby Mireno) and The Canadian Team (Kevin Steen, El Generico, Franky the Mobster, and Lufisto). During the match, LuFisto rolled up her teammate, Kevin Steen taking advantage of Zandig's stipulation and winning the Iron-Man championship. This makes her the first ever female CZW champion! Shortly thereafter, Eddie Kingston pinned her and Ruckus to win the match.
  7. Also, The Eight Sided Cage of Death surrounded the ring for the entire show this evening, hense "Trapped".

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