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Tournament Of Death 5
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'Tournament Of Death 5'
July 29th 2006
Smyrna, DE
  1. TOD Round 1: Barbedwire Ropes & Light Tubes - Nick Gage and Brandon Prophet advanced when Prophet eliminated Andy Sumner.
  2. TOD Round 1: Barbedwire Spiderweb & Light Tubes - Drake Younger and JC Bailey advanced, pinning LOBO following BLK OUT's interference.
  3. TOD Round 1: Fans Bring the Weapons: Necro Butcher and Brain Damage advanced after eliminating "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein.
  4. TOD Round 1: Barbedwire Boards & Panes of Glass: DJ Hyde & Danny Havoc eliminated Zandig after Guest Referee: Maven Bentley turned on Zandig.
  5. Non-tournament: The 6'4" Eradication defeated BLOOD and Dragonfly in a triple threat.
  6. Non-tournament: The BLK OUT of Robbie Mireno & Ruckus defeated Drew Gulak & Jimmy Dream when they hit a top rope blockbuster on Dream.
  7. Non-tournament: Kylie Pierce defeated Chad Austin.
  8. TOD Round 2: Nick Gage and Brain Damage eliminated Necro Butcher and Brandon Prophet to advance to the finals.
  9. TOD Round 2: Drake Younger and JC Bailey eliminated DJ Hyde and Danny Havoc to advance to the finals.
  10. TOD Finals: Nick Gage defeated JC Bailey, Drake Younger, and Brain Damage to become the ULTRAVIOLENT TOURNAMENT OF DEATH V CHAMPION!

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