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Tournament Of Death 4
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'Tournament Of Death 4'
July 30th 2005
New Castle, DE
  1. BARBED WIRE MADNESS: JC Bailey def Sexxxy Eddy
    • This match included a barbed wire bat, chairs, trash cans, the dreaded staple gun, and a pile of thumbtacks
    • JC Bailey poured thumbtacks in Sexxxy Eddy's trunks and then kicked him in the crotch!
  2. LIGHT TUBES MATCH: Toby Klein def Mad Man Pondo
    • The conclusion saw Toby Klein toss Mad Man Pondo onto a board with sharpened pencils sticking out of it
  3. 2/3 FALLS TABLES MATCH: Brain Damage def Beef Wellington
    • Brain Damage put Beef Wellington through a Barbed Wire Table at ringside to get the first fall
    • Beef Wellington powerbombed Brain Damage through a Flaming Table to take the second fall
    • Brain Damage powerbombed Beef Wellington off the ropes through a Light Tube Table to win the match!
  4. LIGHT TUBES LADDER MATCH: "Hardcore" Nick Gage def Nate Webb
    • Nick Gage put Nate Webb through a Light-tube-log-cabin off of a ladder!
  5. FANS BRING WEAPONS HANDICAP MATCH: John Zandig def Robby Mireno & Eddie Kingston
    • Joker, who was on leave from the military, returned to CZW and helped Zandig beat members of Blackout
  6. PANE OF GLASS MATCH: Nick Gage def JC Bailey
    • Nick Gage hit a reverse top rope piledriver through a group of light tubes bridged across a chair
  7. FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH: Necro Butcher def Brain Damage
  8. 2/3 FALLS LIGHT TUBE LOG CABIN MATCH: John Zandig def Toby Klein
    • John Zandig powerslamed Toby Klein off a Table (set up on the top rope corner) through one of the log cabins!
    • Toby Klein hit a Death Valley Driver through another log cabin to take the second fall
    • John Zandig threw Toby Klein through the last log cabin with a Falcon Arrow to win!
  10. TOURNAMENT OF DEATH FINALS: Necro Butcher def Zandig and Nick Gage
    • The legendary Gypsy Joe was brought out and announced as the special guest referee
    • The match included salt, barbed wire, a bat, fire, tables, various weapons and of course lots of blood and gore

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