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Trifecta Elimination 2
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'Trifecta Elimination 2'
June 12th 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. PRE-SHOW:
    • Tribute to Joe Bechler, a 19 year old CZW Security member, who was killed in a motorcycle accident 3 weeks ago
    • Tribute to Joker, who was now in Fort Benning (Georgia) preparing to go to Iraq
  2. Merc def Sean Bishop
  3. Jon Dahmer w/Big Mack Smack def Dee Jay Hyde, GQ & Shun The Kabuki Kid
  4. TRIFECTA ROUND #1: Mikey Tenderfoot def Rod Steel and Justice (Florida)
    • Rod Steel brought his own heel referee (Eric Loy) who would refuse to count when the other two had pins
    • Eventually Justice hit a 450 on Rod Steel and Mikey Tenderfoot forced the referee to make the count!
    • Mikey Tenderfoot then pinned Justice in a shocker to move on to the next round
  5. IN THE RING: Rockin' Rebel, Derek Frazier, John Zandig
    • Rockin' Rebel made racist promo against Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian) until John Zandig showed up
    • Pennsylvania Athletic Commission staffer Frank Talent "suspended" Rebel for his "racist comments"
    • This led to Rockin' Rebel saying "F*ck it, I quit!"
    • John Zandig offered Derek Frazier a suspension too if he wanted it
    • Derek Frazier decided to instead blow off Rebel and kept his job with CZW
  6. The Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian) def Derek Frazier & Chri$ Ca$h
  7. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian) def The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred)
    • Blackout managed to tie up Nate Hatred to an ATV and drag him backstage
    • Ruckus finished off Nick Gage in the ring to capture the CZW Tag Team titles!
    • Blackout continued to beatdown Nick Gage until DeeJay Hyde, Jon Dahmer & Nick Berk ran in for the save
  8. IN THE RING: Nick Berk & Nick Gage
    • Nick Berk grabbed the microphone and demanded that everyone respect Nick Gage, because he was the man!
    • Nick Berk says it's all about respect and he (Berk) needs some from the CZW roster
    • Nick Berk says he's going to start kicking ass and taking names and the first one was gonna be... NICK GAGE!
    • Nick Berk then turned heel and attacked Nick Gage until Jon Dahmer & DeeJay Hyde again made the save
  9. TRIFECTA ROUND #1: Jay Fury def Jeremy V and Gabriel (Wildside)
    • Gabriel managed to first eliminate Jeremy V
    • Jay Fury pinned Gabrial to advance to the next round
  10. TRIFECTA ROUND #1: Nate Webb def Jigsaw and Excalibur
    • Jigsaw eliminated Excalibur by pinfall first
    • Nate Webb pinned Jigsaw to advance to the next round
  11. IN THE RING: The Messiah & Adam Flash
    • The Messiah announced that he had a $5,000 bounty to anyone that could beat Trent Acid
    • Adam Flash was the first person to step up to the plate and try
  12. BOUNTY MATCH: Adam Flash def Trent Acid
    • Teddy Hart appeared and helped Adam Flash score the pinfall by holding onto Acid's leg while Flash hit The Last Call
  13. IN THE RING: Teddy Hart & Adam Flash + Sonjay Dutt + John Zandig & Trent Acid
    • Teddy Hart grabbed the microphone and proclaimed that there was no one in CZW that can beat him
    • Sonjay Dutt showed up and cut a profanity-laced promo against Teddy Hart
    • John Zandig appeared and tried to difuse the situation and told Sonjay that now wasn't the time
    • John Zandig added that Teddy Hart would get what's coming to him down the line
    • John Zandig told Teddy Hart that if he beats Sonjay Dutt, he will get Zandig in a "Hardcore" match
  14. NEW HORROR TITLE MATCH: Chris Hero def B-Boy to retain
    • Chris Hero vs B-Boy initially went to a 20-minute time limit DRAW
    • After the match, B-Boy called for Chris Hero to get back into the ring for sudden death
    • B-Boy & Chris Hero battled outside the ring, while the referee counted from inside the ring
    • Chris Hero threw B-Boy into the guardrail, and slid back into the ring as the referee counted "10"
    • Chris Hero gets the fall and retains his CZW New Horror Championship
  15. TRIFECTA FINALS: Nate Webb def Mikey Tenderfoot and Jay Fury
    • Jay Fury def Mikey Tenderfoot first
    • Nate Webb pinned Jay Fury to take the "final" spot in Best of the Best 4 next month
  16. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah def Wifebeater to retain
    • This was an Ultraviolent Unlucky 13/Panes of Glass Match
    • The Unlucky 13 stipulation meant that the winner had to staple "thirteen dollars" to his opponent to win
    • Wifebeater gorilla press slammed The Messiah over the top rope through a sheet of Glass set on several chairs
    • The Messiah was leading 8 dollars to 5 when he pulled out a 5 dollar bill and stapled it to Wifebeaters head!
    • Wifebeater picked The Messiah up and Chokebombed him through another sheet of Auto glass!
    • The Messiah had already won and retained his CZW Championship

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