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Tournament Of Death 3: Banned My Ass
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'Tournament Of Death 3: Banned My Ass'
July 24th 2004
Smyrna, DE
  1. 2/3 LIGHT TUBE LOG CABIN MATCH: Arsenal def Evil Ninja #2
  2. BARBED WIRE BOARD MATCH: Nick Gage def Ruckus (sub for Zandig)
  3. FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH: Wifebeater def Mad Man Pondo
    • Weapons included a flat screen TV, and a stack of records
  4. THUMB TACK MATCH: Sexxxy Eddy def Ian Knoxx (returning from injury)
  5. FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH: The Necro Butcher def The Green Phantom
  6. LIGHT TUBES & LADDERS MATCH: JC Bailey def Chri$ Ca$h (first death match)
  7. IN THE RING: John Zandig & Chri$ Ca$h
    • John Zandig came to the ring and congratulated Chri$ Ca$h on a job well done in his first Death match
    • John Zandig also noted that come Cage of Death in December, Zandig wants Ca$h on HIS team!
    • JC Bailey shook Chri$ Ca$h's hand and they hugged before leaving to a standing ovation
  8. LIGHT TUBES MATCH: Sexxy Eddy def Arsenal
    • Light tubes were fastened horizontally along the ropes and in the corner of the ring
    • Late in the match, Sexxy Eddy had his arm taped up to stop the blood from coming out
    • After the match, paramedics informed Sexxy Eddy that he would have to go to the hospital to get stitches
  9. IN THE RING: John Zandig & Sexxy Eddy
    • John Zandig put over Sexxy Eddy for a great performance and announces that Eddy had to go the hospital
    • John Zandig then invited Sexxy Eddy to the September 11, 2004 Viking Hall show in Philadelphia
  10. FANS BRING WEAPONS: Wifebeater def JC Bailey
    • Wifebeater came out with this trademark weedwhacker
    • Wifebeater and JC Bailey fought onto the top of a pick-up truck which had hundreds of lighttubes in the back!
    • Wifebeater then slammed JC Bailey off the top into the bed to win the match!
  11. PANES OF GLASS MATCH: Necro Butcher def Nick Gage
    • In addition to four panes of glass, salt and hot sauce was also used as weapons in this match
  12. TOURNAMENT OF DEATH FINALS: Wifebeater def Necro Butcher
    • Everything from ligh tubes, to barbed wire, to fan-produced weapons were used during this match
    • Wifebeater sidewalk slammed Necro Butcher off of a truck through a bunch of tables set on fire!
  13. IN THE RING: John Zandig & Wifebeater
    • Zandig awarded the Tournament of Death 3 trophy to Wifebeater, who received a standing ovation
    • Zandig also thanked all of the boys for giving it their all
    • Zandig put Necro Butcher over as the "best death match worker in the world"
    • Zandig reported that Sexxy Exxy had cut a few arteries, but was doing fine
    • Zandig told everyone to "keep their ears open" because CZW was going to be PPV soon!

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