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Street Fight 2K4
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'Street Fight 2K4'
January 17th 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Nick Berk & Z-Barr def Hallowmass (Joey Corman & Samir - aka The Overboys)
  2. Scotty Matthews def Die Hard
  3. Jon Dahmer def Cory Castle, Niles Young & GQ in a 4-WAY
  4. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels def All Money is Legal
  5. B-Boy def Jonny Storm and Grim Reefer
  6. Sumie Sakai def Mercedes Martinez
    • After the match, Mercedes Martinez turned on Rick Fienberg and dumped thumbtacks all over him
  7. IN THE RING: John Zandig + New Jack + Tony DeVito + Wifebeater
    • With the thumbtacks conveniently left in the ring, John Zandig made his way to the ring for a promo
    • New Jack came out and asked Zandig for a favor, and cut a promo on the Dudley Boyz & Paul Heyman (of the WWE)
    • Tony DeVito appeared and attacked John Zandig until Wifebeater made the save
  8. Sonjay Dutt def Jimmy Jacobs w/Becky Bayless
    • After the match, Grim Reefer attacked Sonjay Dutt, to set up a match for next month
  9. TABLES & LADDERS MATCH: Sabian def Joker, Ruckus & Chri$ Ca$h
    • After the match, Sabian & Ruckus beat up Chri$ Ca$h & Joker to set up a match for next month
  10. STRONG STYLE TOURNAMENT MATCH: Dan Maff def Homicide
  11. SUBMISSION MATCH: Jimmy Rave def Alex Shelley in the match of the night!
  12. TAG TITLE MATCH: Rebel's Army (Rebel/Greg Matthews/Derek Frazier) def The Backseat Boyz & Justin Credible
    • Rebel's Army capture the CZW Tag Team titles!
    • After the match, Danny Rose made an appearance and joined Rebel's Army!
  13. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred & Nick Gage) def Adam Flash & The Messiah
  14. STREET FIGHT 2K4: John Zandig & Wifebeater def Tony DeVito & New Jack
    • The ring and ringside and arena were filled with weapons from tables, chairs, wood, metel everything!
    • John Zandig powerbombed his partner, Wifebeater, off the stage onto New Jack & Devito through tables!

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