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April 3rd 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma, Icarus & Mr. Zero beat The Wildcards, Ultramantis & Hallowicked
    • These wrestlers are from Chikara Pro and will be fought under Chikara rules
    • Mr. Zero is a hilarious short stumpy man wearing a business suit & tie, and a mask with hair like a man bald (on top)
  2. TAG GAUNTLET MATCH: The H8 Club (Nate Hatred & Nick Gage) won a title shot!
    • CKNY (Corey Kastle & Niles Young) came out "attached at the hip" wearing a one-piece latex fat suit (together)
    • DJ Hyde & Merc came out next, but Jude showed up and attacked DJ Hyde with a steel chair!
    • CKNY pinned Merc dispite horribly botching their finisher
    • The Dirty Rotten Scoundrals (KC Negro & KC Blade) entered next and pinned CKNY after the Dirty Rotten Screwdriver
    • The H8 Club showed up as a "Mystery Entrant" and demolished the Dirty Rotten Scoudrals
  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: The H8 Club (Nate Hatred & Nick Gage) def Rebel's Army (Rebel/Frazier) to win the titles!
    • Rebel's Army hit the ring and attacked the H8 Club starting their match immediately
    • Referee Harthog came from the back and speared Rockin' Rebel, who then chased Harthog backstage!
    • Nick Gage hit the "Bombs Away" off the balcony putting Derek Frazier through a pair of tables!
  4. BJ Whitmer def Jimmy Jacobs
    • Becky Bayless, who has been absent for months, showed up in the middle of the match to support Jacobs!
    • Later on, BJ Whitmer knocked Becky Bayless down, but she shot back with a spinning DDT!
    • After the match, Jimmy Jacobs embraced and kissed in the middle of the ring
  5. IN THE RING: Trent Acid + John Zandig + Teddy Hart
    • Trent Acid jumped the rail and entered the ring and grabbed the microphone
    • Trent Acid says that he loves wrestling, and loves CZW, adding that he helped build Combat Zone Wrestling
    • Trent Acid brings out his "CZW Wrestler of the Year" plaque from 2003 and says that prooves he's THE BEST
    • John Zandig came out and told Trent Acid that he had been very disappointed with him
    • John Zandig said he was also able to forgive and provide "opportunity" for Trent Acid tonight
    • Teddy Hart came out and that 2003 may have been Trent Acid's year, but 2004 will be the Year of Teddy Hart
    • Trent Acid offered to wrestle Teddy Hart and if he won, he would be able to rejoin the CZW roster
    • John Zandig tells Teddy Hart that if he screws him, that Nate Hatred & Nick Gage will kick his ass!
  6. Chri$ Ca$h def Nick Berk and Grim Reefer in a match that included a LADDER
  7. XTREME STRONG STYLE MATCH: Joker (w/Robbie Merino, Ruckus & Sabian) def Jon Dahmer (w/Big Mack Smack)
    • The outside members of Blackout continuously interfered so Big Mack Smack went after them
    • Eventually Wifebeater ran down with a steel chair and chased Blackout away
    • Joker won after making Jon Dahmer tap out to the Rolling Clutch submission
  8. Dan Maff def "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon
  9. JR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIOSHIP 3-WAY: Sonjay Dutt def Petey Williams and Roderick Strong to retain
    • After the match, Sonjay Dutt demanded that whoever stole his Junior Heavyweight belt show his face NOW!
    • The lights went out - WHACK! - The lights came back on and Sonjay was laid out with a steel chair over his face!
  10. BOXING MATCH: Rockin' Rebel w/Danny Rose vs Rob Hartog
    • Rick Feinberg came out and wanted to be the ring round card girl, but got knocked out by Rob Hartog
    • Rockin Rebel accidentally punched Danny Rose, who spit out all his teeth
    • Rob Hartog pulled Rockin' Rebels trunks down and knocked him out but the bell rang to end the 3rd round
    • In the 4th round, Rockin' Rebel bit Rob Hartog's ear (a la Mike Tyson) as the crowd chanted "End this Shit!"
    • The 5th round saw Rob Hartog knock Rebel down with a series of extremely weak shots to the body
    • The fans chanted louder to end the match, until Wifebeater & Nick Gage hit the ring and cleaned house!
    • Dan Maff also came out and stood with Wifebeater & Nick Gage but didn't do anything
  11. The Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian w/Robby Merino) def All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha & K-Murda)
    • Robby Merino (major heat magnet) is a white guy, who thinks he's a black guy, and disses white people
    • All Money is Legal were setting up for the "Stickup" finisher, but Joker came out and interfered
    • Ruckus made the pin to score a victory for The Blackout
  12. NEW HORROR (NON TITLE) MATCH: Jimmy Rave def Chris Hero
    • After the match, Chris Hero got frustrated and viciously attacked Jimmy Rave and demanded a title match!
  13. Wifebeater def Adam Flash
    • Adam Flash ripped Wifebeater's shirt off and used a staple gun to staple it to his forhead!
    • Ian Knoxx showed up and smashed Adam Flash over the back with a steel chair!
    • Wifebeater hit his finisher off the second rope for the win!
  14. Trent Acid def Teddy Hart in a spectacular match that spilled out onto the streets of Philadelphia!!
    • The brawl eventually wound up outside of the building where Trent Acid piledrove Teddy Hart on the hood of a car!
    • Trent Acid followed up but hitting a moonsault off the top of the car onto Teddy Hart
    • Teddy Hart fought back and power-bombed Trent Acid off the car through a table which was brought out of the arena!
    • The two wrestlers made their way back inside and Teddy Hart tossed Trent Acid's limp body into the ring
    • Trent Acid recovered and hit a Yakuza kick out of nowhere for one of many near-falls
    • Zandig tossed a chair to Teddy Hart to set up yet another Yakuza kick from Trent Acid for the win!

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