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High Stakes 2: Always Bet On Black (night)
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'High Stakes 2: Always Bet On Black'
September 11th 2004 (night)
Philadelphia, PA
  1. IN THE RING: John Zandig
    • Zandig welcomed everyone to the show & thanked the fans for supporting Combat Zone Wrestling
  2. CAGE MATCH: Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian w/Robby Merino) vs The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) was a NO CONTEST
    • Lots of tables and chairs were used as weapons and resulted in some sick bumps and blood flowing
    • Wifebeater & Justice Pain interfered, so the referee ruled the match a NO CONTEST
  3. NEW HORROR TITLE MATCH: Chris Hero def Super Dragon to retain
    • After the match, the fans gave Super Dragon a standing ovation, followed by "please come back" chants
  4. IWS 4-WAY: Sexxxy Eddy def Kevin Steen, El Generico and Excess 69
    • After the match, the fans gave Sexxxy Eddy a standing ovation, followed by "please come back" chants
    • Zandig grabbed the microphone on the stage and said that was one hell of a match
    • Zandig said anytime Eddy wants to come back to CZW, the door will always be open
  6. MATCH: M-Dogg20 def Bobby Quance
    • Zandig appeared again and told the crowd Bobby Quance was joining the Marines and going to Iraq
    • Zandig thanked Bobby Quance for everything he did in CZW
    • Bobby Quance got on the mic and said he was only in CZW for a couple shows, and he really enjoyed it
    • Bobby Quance said CZW has some of the best fans he has ever seen & thanked the fans for their support
    • The fans gave Bobby Quance a huge standing ovation and chanted "Bobby! Bobby!" as he left
  7. HIGH STAKES 3-WAY LADDER MATCH: Chri$ Ca$h def Nate Webb and JC Bailey
    • The winner would become a COD6 CAPTAIN and pick their team for Cage Of Death 6 in December
    • Chri$ Ca$h said he was going to pick the members of Team Zandig
    • Zandig came out and said there wasn't going to be a Team Zandig, this year it would be Team Ca$h
    • The fans helped Chri$ Ca$h choose JC Bailey to be the first member of his team
  8. 4-CORNERS OF PAIN MATCH: Necro Butcher def The Wifebeater
    • Each of the four corners of the ring had a different weapon
    • CORNER #1: Thumbtacks
    • CORNER #2: Carpet strips full of nails
    • CORNER #3: Lighter fluid and matches
    • CORNER #4: Sheet of glass
    • Finish saw Necro Butcher put Wifebeater through a burning sheet of glass stacked between two chairs
  9. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah def Justice Pain to retain
    • After the match, Kaos (formerly of XPW), made his CZW debut to close out the show

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