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Cage Of Death 6
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'Cage Of Death 6'
December 11th 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. TWO RING BATTLE ROYAL: Derek Frazier wins
    • Participants: Derek Frazier, Jon Dahmer, DJ Hyde, Cory Kastle, Niles Young, Sean Bishop, GQ, Nick Berk
  2. Kid Kamikaze w/Elsa Bangz def Beef Wellington
  3. All Money is Legal def Heretic, Spyral & Ghost Shadow
  4. Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong def Alex Shelley & Jonny Storm
  5. Blackjack Marsciano, Larry Sweeny & Hallowicked beat Mike Quackenbush, Ultramanis Black & Jigsaw
    • Chris Hero came out before the match, and introduced Blackjack Marsciano, who is one of his students
  6. JUNIOR TITLE LOSER LEAVES CZW MATCH: Sonjay Dutt def M-Dogg 20 to retain the Jr. Title
  7. XTREME STRONG STYLE TOURNAMENT FINALS: B-Boy def Dan Maff to win the Tournament!
    • After the match, John Zandig came down and ordered Chris Hero to def end his New Horror title against B-Boy
  8. NEW HORROR TITLE MATCH: B-Boy def Chris Hero to win the New Horror title!
    • After the match, Chris Hero took a fit and threatened to QUIT Combat Zone Wrestling
    • John Zandig reappeared and said if Hero ever returned to CZW, he'd be waiting for him!
  9. Super Dragon & Excalibur def Kevin Steen & El Generico
    • After the match, Kevin Steen turned on El Generico and hit him with a Package Piledriver
    • Super Dragon & Excalibur seemingly made the save, but ended up attacking El Generico as well!
    • Super Dragon put Generico's head in a folding chair, and gave him a Curb Stomp off the top rope!
  10. LADDERS & SCAFFOLD CZW TITLE 3-WAY: The Messiah def Adam Flash and Kaos to retain
    • This years Cage of Death was set up over two rings, War Games Style (without roof), with a scaffold going accross the middle
    • There was a plywoood center piece seperating the two rings inside the cage
  12. CAGE OF DEATH #1: Team Cash def Team Blackout
    • TEAM CA$H: Chri$ Ca$h, JC Bailey, Nate Webb, and Sexxy Eddy
    • TEAM BLACKOUT: Ruckus, Sabian, Kingston, and Jack Evans
    • Match was worked with "War Games" rules, with a new wrestler entering the Cage at one minute intervals
    • Robby Mireno & Maven Bentley were handcuffed to the Cage of Death by Zandig's orders so they couldn't interfere
    • Playing by elimination rules, with a wrestler being eliminated when he somehow ends up on the floor
    • The winning team also has to get up on the scaffold and retreive the Tag Team title
    • Jack Evans was in his realm, hitting a psychotic Phoenix 630
    • Sexxxy Eddy hit a Trash Can Moonsault (upper body was inside a trash can) from the top of the Cage!
    • Ruckus followed up by giving Sexxxy Eddy a piledrive, while the upper half of his body was inside the can!
    • Ruckus then hit a Coast to Coast, flipping Van-Terminator on Sexxxy Eddy (still wearing the trash can)
    • Jack Evans was thrown face first into a pile of thumbtacks, which everybody had stuck in them somewhere
    • Jack Evans took a Backdrop off the Cage from Chris Cash to the floor, missing the table, and landing on the guard rail!
    • Chris Cash gave Sabian a Cashflow off of the scaffold through four tables, landing in the second row!
    • John Zandig announced that all four members of Team Ca$h are Tag Team Champions, and any combination could def end
  13. CAGE OF DEATH #2: The H8 Club (Wifebeater & Justice Pain) def The H8 Club (Nate Hatred & Nick Gage)
    • This was also a "Fans Bring Weapons" match with an array of twisted weapons coming into play during the match
    • After the match, Nick Gage turned on Nate Hatred, and briefly celebrated with Wifebeater and Justice Pain
    • Suddenly, Nick Gage & Justice Pain turned on Wifebeater! (Gage & Pain are brothers in real life)
    • Nate Hatred was taken out of ECW Arena on a stretcher

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