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Best of the Best 4
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'Best of the Best 4'
July 10th 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. IN THE RING: Jack Evans, Homicie, John Zandig, Justice Pain
    • Jack Evans replaced the scheduled Teddy Hart who was 'supposedly' injured in a brawl at a bar
    • John Zandig came out and said Trent Acid had gone AWOL and nobody knew where he was
    • Justice Pain's music came over the speaker and he hit the ring to a brief pop which quickly turned to boos!
    • Justice Pain says he was there only to collect Dewey Donovan's bounty for taking out Trent Acid
    • John Zandig announced that he was giving Chri$ Ca$h the open spot in the Tournament
  2. BEST OF THE BEST ROUND #1: Homicide vs Jack Evans vs Chri$ Ca$h
    • Homicide pinned Chri$ Ca$h after a brutally stiff clothesline
    • ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND: Homicide & Jack Evans
  3. BEST OF THE BEST ROUND #1: Jimmy Rave vs B-Boy vs Roderick Strong
    • B-Boy pinned Jimmy Rave after hitting a Shining Wizard while leaping off Roderick Strong's back
    • ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND: B-Boy & Roderick Strong
  4. BEST OF THE BEST ROUND #1: Ruckus vs Bobby Quance vs Alex Shelley
    • Ruckus was, of course, accompanied by his manager Robbie Merino and tag team partner Sabian
    • Late in the match, Ruckus went to the top rope but Nite Hatred ran down and pushed him off through a table!
    • Ruckus was then counted out by referee Mike Kehner even though Quance had Shelley pinned in the ring!
    • ADVANCING TO THE NEXT FOUND: Alex Shelley & Bobby Quance
  5. BEST OF THE BEST ROUND #1: Petey Williams vs Nate Webb vs Sonjay Dutt
    • Petey Williams was annoyed when he saw Sonjay Dutt and Nate Webb having a dance off in the center of the ring!
    • Petey Williams eventually reversed a hold on Nate Webb and hit the Canadian Destroyer for the victory!
    • ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND: Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt
  6. XTREME STRONG STYLE TOURNAMENT MATCH: Chris Hero def Hotstuff Hernandez
    • Chris Hero pinned Hotstuff Hernandez after a running rolling elbow off the ropes to the back of the head!
  7. BEST OF THE BEST QUARTERFINALS: Homicide def Jack Evans
    • Homicide punished Jack Evans and screamed at him to "take this messege back to your BITCH Teddy Hart"
  8. BEST OF THE BEST QUARTERFINALS: Roderick Strong def B-Boy
    • Late in the match, Roderick Strong hit a stiff yakuza kick and slapped on the Boston Crab
    • B-Boy, selling a back injury, made the ropes but Strong pulled him back to the center of the ring!
    • B-Boy was reaching for the ropes and slapped his hand down twice, which the referee interpreted as a tap out!
  9. BEST OF THE BEST QUARTERFINALS: Bobby Quance def Alex Shelley
    • Bobby Quance worked on Alex Shelley's arm for the whole match
    • Bobby Quance eventually made Alex Shelley tape out to an armbar submission move
  10. BEST OF THE BEST QUATERFINALS: Sonjay Dutt def Petey Williams
    • Sonjay Dutt reversed the Razor's Edge into a Huracanrana to pin Petey Williams
    • Dan Maff & Nick Gage beat on eachother for a while and then decided to use chairs as weapons
    • Suddenly fans started throwing chairs, about 100 of them, into the ring
    • Dan Maff & Nick Gage entered the ring and just wrestled the match on top of the pile of chairs!
    • Nick Gage set Maff up for the face washing corner kicks, and set up a chair for the fifth one
    • Dan Maff threw the chair in Nick Gage's face hard knocking him out!
    • A few minutes later, Nick Gage set up table in corner but Maff speared him through it!
    • Nick Gage then reversed Dan Maff's Burning Hammer into a knee bomb!
    • Nick Berk ran in and broke up the pin and caused a distracted to Nick Gage
    • Dan Maff snuck up behind Gage and hit the Burning Hammer for the victory!
    • After the match, Nick Berk taunted Nick Gage --- So Gage kicked him between the legs!
    • Nick Gage followed up with a knee bomb and about ten chair shots to the head and back!
  12. BEST OF THE BEST SEMIFINALS: Roderick Strong def Homicide
    • Homicide somehow cut his arm during the opening minutes of the match
    • Roderick Strong eventually pinned Homicide after hitting a three kick sequence and a back drop
  13. BEST OF THE BEST SEMIFINALS: Sonjay Dutt def Bobby Quance
    • Sonjay Dutt pinned Bobby Quance after hitting the Hindu Press for the win!
  14. SPECIAL ATTRACTION 4-WAY: Jimmy Rave def Chri$ Ca$h, Jack Evans & Ruckus
    • These were the four losers from the first round of the Best of the Best Tournament
  15. BEST OF THE BEST FINALS: Sonjay Dutt def Roderick Strong to become Best of the Best Champion!
    • During this match, there was some action going on outside the arena which distracted a lot of the fans
    • Even wrestlers from the CZW locker room came out and got involved with the physical dispute that was happening
    • Dispite the commotion, Sonjay Dutt def Roderick Strong in a great match to become BotB IV Champion!
  16. CONCLUSION: M-Dogg20
    • M-Dogg20 hit the ring and attacked Sonjuary and stole the Junior Heavyweight championship belt!
    • M-Dogg20 hit a top rope moonsault leg drop and then was chased out of the building by the entire locker room!

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