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May 1st 2004
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Joker & Sabian w/Robbie Mireno def CKNY (Cory Kastle & Niles Young) w/Jude
    • CKNY are now doing the "Backseat Boy" gimmick of letting girls at ringside stuff money down their pants
    • Before the match, Ruckus demolished Jude, stole his wallet, and threw him to the backstage area
  2. Jon Dahmer def Rick Feinberg
  3. DeeJay Hyde def Jude
  4. Ruckus w/Robbie Merino def Derek Frazier
    • After the match, Rockin Rebel came out and called the Blackout (Ruckus, Joker & Sabian) into the ring
    • They had a breif brawl, ending in Rockin' Rebel clearing the ring, almost single handedly
  5. Nick Berk def Emil Sitoci
  6. B-Boy def Alex Shelley, Dan Maff and Roderick Strong
  7. IN THE RING: Teddy Hart + Homicide
    • Teddy Hart called John Zandig a "BITCH" and called Zandig out to the ring
    • Teddy Hart issued an open challenge to any CZW wrestler in the locker room
    • Homicide came out and they engaged in a street fight brawl to set up a 1-on-1 match for Best of the Best V
  8. BACKSTAGE: The Messiah & Adam Flash + Ian Knoxx + Sabu!
    • The Messiah & Adam Flash attacked Ian Knoxx backstage and dragged him to the ring
    • The lights went out and Sabu appeared and Sabu hit an Arabian Facebuster on Knoxx through a table!
  9. LADDER MATCH: Chris Cash def GQ
  11. New Horror TITLE MATCH: Chris Hero def Jimmy Rave to win New Horror title
  12. TABLES MATCH: The Messiah, Sabu & Adam Flash def Nick Gage, Trent Acid & Wifebeater
    • Wifebeater and Messiah were both eliminated when Messiah did a rolling powerbomb through a table on the outside
    • Nick Gage and Adam Flash were both eliminated when Gage piledrove Flash through a table on the outside
    • Sabu eliminated Trent Acid with help from Messiah to win the match for his team

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