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February 8th 2003
Philadelphia, PA
  1. John Dahmer def Jude
  2. IN THE RING: Rebel's Army
    • Rebel's Army comments on how crappy Zandig booked matches
    • Zandig came in and basically said it was his company and they could screw off
    • Rebel's Army beat down Zandig until Tatanka/Heartbreaker/Wifebeater made the save!
    • Zandig set up Rebel/Matthews vs Tatanka/Heartbreaker with Zandig and Wifebeater at ringside
  3. Ian Knoxx/Adam Flash def Chris Styles/Z Barr & Hurricane Kid/Derek Frazier
  4. GQ def Tai Smiley
  5. Grim Reefer def Livewire & Mike Mayhem
  6. SUBMISSION MATCH: Nick Berk def Stefan Perez
  7. B-Boy def eats Ric Blade
  8. Sonjay Dutt vs Ruckus ends in a NO CONTEST(Guest Referee Chris Ca$h)
    • Ruckus went to superplex Sonjay when Chris Cash knocked both men from the ring trough an outside table
    • Chris Ca$h declared the match a no contest as he held the title in the air
  9. Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews def Tatanka & Heartbreaker
    • Zandig and Wifebeater at ringside for this match
    • Tatanka dominated the match, and Zandig and Wifebeater demolished Rebel and Matthews
    • Rebel hit Heartbreaker with a "chain" on his fist
    • Rebel then put Matthews on top of Heartbreaker for the win
  10. TAG TITLE MATCH: Backseat Boys def H8 Club to win the titles!
  11. NEW HORROR TITLE MATCH: Sick Nick Mondo def Messiah
    • Mondo used a chair heavily on Messiah and put Messiah through two tables
    • Mac Smack brought a tin to the ring and gave it to Mondo
    • Mondo emptied thousands of thumbtacks onto Messiah and began to stomp them in
    • Mondo then hit a legdrop onto the thumbtack covered Messiah for the victory
    • The Backseats, B Boy, and Dewey hit the ring and destroyed Mondo
    • Messiah throws the New Horror Title to Mondo and says he didn't say what title the match was for
    • The H8 Club, and Wifebeater hit the ring and chased Hi V to the back
    • Mondo said that he was going to bring honor back to the New Horror Title

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