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Cage Of Death 5 - Suspended
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'Cage Of Death 5 - Suspended'
December 13th 2003
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Jon Dahmer & Cory Kastle def Jude & Niles Young and DJ Hyde & Jamie Samuels
  2. Shun the Kabuki Kid def Rick Feinberg, Krystian Wolf and GQ
  3. Rockin' Rebel & Greg Matthews beat Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz and Nick Berk/Z-Barr
  4. Jimmy Jacobs w/Becky Bayless def Sabian and Derek Frazier
  5. NEW HORROR TITLE MATCH: Jimmy Rave def Trent Acid to win the title!
    • Trent Acid scored the first fall around the 10 minute mark
    • Jimmy Rave made Trent Acid submit to the arm bar to even it up at one fall a piece
    • Jimmy Rave scored the deciding pinfall in over-time to win the New Horror title!
  6. IN THE RING: Hi-V + John Zandig
    • Hi-Five came out and consoled Trent Acid and cut a promo about the Cage of Death main event
    • John Zandig came out via the "suspended cage" and looked down on Hi-V
    • John Zandig said that his team had a mysterio sixth man that would shock CZW!
  7. Alex Shelley def B-Boy and Chris Hero to become the #1 contender for the CZW New Horror Title!
  8. LADDER MATCH: The Joker def Chri$ Ca$h
  9. JR TITLE MATCH: Sonjay Dutt def Ruckus to win the title!
  10. CAGE OF DEATH: Team Ultraviolence def Hi-V
    • Team Ultraviolence (John Zandig, Lobo, Wifebeater, Ian Knoxx, Nick Gage, New Jack)
    • Team HI-V (The Messiah, Nate Hatred, Trent Acid, Adam Flash, Johnny Kashmere, B-Boy)
    • This match took place in one ring, with a suspended cage/scaffold and a super scaffold from the stage to the Cage of Death!
    • Oh yeah......another scaffold, leading to the second ring... filled with 1,000,000 thumb tacks!
    • The Cage of Death featured scaffolding across the top of the cage and tables surrounding the ring
    • The winning team would be the team that had the most members escape or if they eliminated the entire other team
    • John Zandig & Johnny Kashmere were the first two in the match
    • Trent Acid & The Messiah from HI-Five came out "unscheduled" to make it a three-on-one
    • B-Boy was next (actually "scheduled to be next") but waited on the suspended platform as they worked over Zandig
    • "Natural Born Killaz" music played and New Jack entered the match as the surprise Team Ultraviolent member
    • New Jack took down all members of Hi-V, and helped John Zandig up, only to attack him!
    • Lobo came out next, and then Ian Knoxx
    • Ian Knoxx rammed B-Boy into one of the side partitions, which gave way, sending B-Boy down into the million thumbtacks!
    • Ian Knoxx then swung off the partition and elbowed B-Boy in the thumbtack filled ring!
    • Adam Flash came out next, then Wifebeater
    • New Jack dove off of the top of the cage onto Zandig, laid out on a table on the floor
    • Trent Acid hit a Yakuza Kick on Ian Knoxx, who took a fall off of the suspended cage, past the COD through a table!
    • Lobo hit a DVD off the top of the COD on both Johnny Kashmere and manager Dewey Donovan to the floor through two tables
    • Nick Gage took a bump into the ring of thumbtacks as well, sent off by Trent Acid, who them took his own bump into them
    • Wifebeater hit a sidewalk slam off the super scaffold/cage into the thumbtack tacks on Adam Flash
    • Nate Hatred & Messiah worked over Nick Gage and laid him out on a table
    • John Zandig appeared on the stage and screamed "Now! Now!" over the house microphone
    • Nate Hatred suddenly turned on Messiah and reunited The H8 Club team (with Nick Gage)!
    • Nick Gage poured thumbtacks over a table and he and Nate Hatred sent Messiah off the top of the Cage through the table!
    • The H8 Club then threw him out of the cage for the victory and winning the match for Team Ultraviolence!

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