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August 9th 2003
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Jon Dahmer def Jude
  2. Cory Kastle def GQ and Niles Young
  3. JR HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Ruckus def Hurricane Kidd to retain
    • John Zandig came out to the ring, and announced that this would be Hurricane's last match
    • There was a round of applause for Hurricane Kidd, who will be getting married
    • Finish saw Ruckus do a Van Terminator with a mid-air flip, followed by a pinfall
  4. Greg Matthews w/Rockin' Rebel def Z-Barr
    • Rockin' Rebel threw powder in the eyes of ZBarr, who got powerslammed by Greg Matthews for the 3-count
  5. Derek Frazier w/Rockin' Rebel def Chri$ Ca$h and Nick Berk
  6. TABLES MATCH: Nate Hatred def Nick Gage
    • Highlight of the match saw Nate Hatred Tiger Drive Nick Gage off the stage!
  7. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Backseat Boyz def Ian Knoxx & Adam Flash to retain
  8. Nick Berk def Jonny Storm
  9. IN THE RING: John Zandig
    • Zandig came out and announced that "Sick" Nick Mondo's New Horror title was being vacated
    • Nick Mondo will need surgery on his hand
    • Nick Mondo had worked the Tournament Of Death in Dover with a hand broken in 3 places
    • Zandig announced that September's show at the ECW Arena will feature an tournament to crown a new New Horror champion!
  10. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah w/Dewey Donovan def Brad Bradley to retain
    • Messiah issued an open challange to anybody NOT in Combat Zone Wrestling
  11. IWA LHW TITLE LADDER MATCH: Sonjay Dutt def JC Bailey to win the title!
  12. JR HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Ruckus def B-Boy to retain
  13. Ian Rotten def Necro Butcher, Corporal Robinson and Spyder Nate Webb in a bloodbath
    • Weapons: staple gun, salt, trash can with tacks, a board with darts, and a board with forks sticking out of it
    • After the match, Zandig challanged Ian Rotten to an Explosive Cage match on 08/23
    • Messiah and the IWA guys then attacked John Zandig from behind
    • The CZW locker room emptied to make the save for Zandig

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