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Tournament Of Death
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'Tournament Of Death'
August 31st 2002
Dover, DE
  1. ROUND#1 - BARBED WIRE BOARDS MATCH: Zandig vs Nate Hatred (Messiah advances)
  2. Green Phantom & The Arsenal def The Hardcore Ninjaz
  3. ROUND#1 - Wifebeater def The Necro Butcher
  4. ROUND#1 - BOARD OF NAILS MATCH: Nick Gage def Mr. Insanity
  5. ROUND#1: "Sick" Nick Mondo def Homeless Jimmy
  6. TAG SCRAMBLE: The Backseat Boyz def Derek Fraiser/Sonjay Dutt, Jon Dahmer/Towel Boy, The New School
  7. Ruckus def Justice Pain & Nick Berk
  8. ROUND#2 - PLATES OF GLASS MATCH: Wifebeater def Nick Gage
  9. ROUND#2 - FANS BRING WEAPONS: "Sick" Nick Mondo def The Messiah
  10. FINALS - 200 LIGHT TUBES BARBED WIRE & SALT: Wifebeater def "Sick" Nick Mondo

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