Q & A with Dan O’Hare

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Kyle Kutz recently sat down with the Big Scare Dan O’Hare has he prepares for his first featured match in the Combat Zone with his partner Shlak at Sacrifices on May 13th at the Flyers Skate Zone.

Kutz: Can you tell us about your very first experience with Combat Zone Wrestling?

O’Hare: New Heights, 2013. Up until May or June of that year, I had not attended or watched any wrestling event since probably 2001. Of course, I got totally caught up in it, and quickly decided that I had to start training. Looking at the card from that show, how could you not get fired up and want to give it a shot?

Kutz: As a product of our training program, how did the CZW Dojo better you?

O’Hare: The moment you realize that you can actually do some things that you didn’t think you ever physically could do, your self-confidence increases. You learn how to be in the moment, while still executing your tasks at full ferocity. You learn how to work with people from all walks of life, from all over the world. All of this improves you, both physically and mentally; and, most importantly, you will encounter experiences that will legitimately change your life.

Kutz: So, I’m sure that many are curious about the following: what is it like dealing with Shlak, on a personal level?

O’Hare: We’re on the same wavelength, both stubborn assholes. I’ve known Shlak long before either of us started wrestling, from the music scene in Philly. I recorded Eat the Turnbuckle’s album Step in the Fucking Ring, as well as some of his other bands, Bottomless Pit and Crack House. So, he seems completely normal to me.

Kutz: Why was joining Storm of Entrails the right move for Dan O’Hare?

O’Hare: Two maniacs can do a lot more damage than one. We’re already making a permanent mark on the Combat Zone, so stay tuned to see what sort of chaos we’ll create next.

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The article was written by Kyle Kutz for CZWrestling.com