Q & A with Shlak

On Saturday at Eighteen, Kyle Kutz of CZWrestling.com caught up with Shlak for one of his first interviews…

Kutz: For those not familiar, who is Shlak?

Shlak: With Shlak, what you see is what you get. This isn’t a gimmick. I’m exactly what you think I am. I have a warped sense of humor, find enjoyment in combat, drenching everything in blood. I don’t know what I like better: beating someone into the ground or getting hit back.

I fuck off most of the time, and everything is a joke until you put me in that ring. In there, I’m 100 percent business. You’re most likely going to have to kill me to get me to stop, but that’s all in good fun, right?

Kutz: So, you’ve traveled far and wide as an in-ring competitor, correct? Please tell us about your experience abroad.

Shlak: Well, I was on a European tour and worked a deathmatch in the Czech Republic, against a man whose name roughly translated to “Skull Evil.” It was a pretty brutal light tubes-and-chairs match at the Obscene Extreme festival, with about 5,000 people in attendance. Then, about an hour later, I played a show with my band, Eat the Turnbuckle, and lit myself on fire as the finisher. It was a long day.

Kutz: How did you become involved in the most sadistic form of professional wrestling? I, of course, am referring to deathmatches.

Shlak: Well, I’m from Jersey, and I have family members that used to be in the South Philly Vikings of the Mummers Parade that practiced at the old Viking Hall, the ECW Arena. So, I was luckily introduced to carnage in its inception and was hooked immediately.

I’ve always been playing in bands with a GG Allin-style, hardcore show, bleeding all over the place, with violence for the sake of violence. I easily gravitated toward it, like a doped-up minion toward their cult leader. Eventually, me and a few others started Eat the Turnbuckle, and it got us touring and spewing blood, all over the planet. So, the inevitable next step was to finish the game, get in the fucking ring, and show everyone what I’m capable of.

Kutz: Care to further discuss your musical expertise, as well?

Shlak: I’ve been playing in death and grind bands since I was a teenager. The current projects that I’m in are Eat the Turnbuckle, an ultra-violent rock-and-roll band, in which the members attack each other through the set with wrestling gimmicks. Also, I’m in Crack House, which is a death-thrash band out of Philly.

Kutz: On June 10, you compete, for the very first time, in Tournament of Death. What should fans expect from your debut?

Shlak: That the hype is real, and you’re going to see a fucking berserker on the loose. I hope whoever they put in front of me knows how to breathe through a plastic bag, because someone is leaving that ring unconscious. No God, only Shlak.

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The article was written by Kyle Kutz for CZWrestling.com