Results from Saturday’s Tangled Web 9 Event


The road to Cage of Death 18 began last night when CZW presented Tangled Web 9 at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.  Joey Janela made his first CZW Wired Championship defense since the hellacious Ladder Match last month against newcomer Tony Deppen.  Da Hit Squad issued an open challenge to any tag team that thinks they can take the CZW Tag Team Championship from the duo.  Jonathan Gresham defended the CZW World Championship for the first time against the Notorious 187 Homicide.  The main event saw Rickey Shane PageAlex ColonTim Donst, and Danny Havoc step into the High Stakes Tangled Web Match.  The winner will got ANYTHING they choose from CZW Management.  All that and so much more went down last night at Tangled Web 9!  You can now watch all the action from the comfort of your own home at  For those who can’t wait to find out what happened, continue to read below.

Preshow Results:
Alexander James def. Nathan Cruz

Frankie Pickard def. Blackwater, Jimmy Lloyd, and Dan O’Hare

Da Hit Squad def. Fella Twins via count out to retain the CZW Tag Team Championships
Da Hit Squad issued an open challenge earlier in the month which was accepted by the current WSU Tag Team Champions.  However, the match would come to a close when the Fellas seemingly walked off to allow their pledges Jamie Senegal and Penelope Ford to take the brunt of the beating from Mack and Maff.

Joe Gacy def. BLK Jeez

Young Dragons def. Nation of Intoxication
Due to an unforeseen issue, the Rejects (Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch) were not in attendance at the event.  Because of that, the Young Dragons requested that Jeff Cannonball be sent to the back.  The Nation complied with the request with Devon Moore specifically saying “We don’t need him.”  But the real story happened when Conor Claxton looked to end the Dragons with his Tombstone onto a chair.  In a shocking turn of events, Moore superkicked Claxton.  This allowed the Dragons to get the victory.  Following the match, Cannonball and Tremont would arrive and lay out the challenge for the Young Dragons for next month…  SQUARED CIRCLE OF SACRIFICE!  Stay logged on to for confirmation of this match!

Joey Janela def. Tony Deppen to retain the CZW Wired Championship

Team Pazuzu def. Scarlet & Graves

Greg Excellent addresses the Combat Zone
Greg Excellent poured his heart out to the audience about how he was disappointed at the fact that he didn’t lose at Down With The Sickness, yet he didn’t have match at Tangled Web 9.  He then stated, that he has quit a lot of things but one thing he won’t quit on is his dream to reach the top of the Combat Zone.  Excellent before leaving said “Bring your Indie Darlings, I’ll beat them all!”

Jonathan Gresham def. Homicide to retain the CZW World Championship

Danny Havoc def. Alex Colon to survive the High Stakes Tangled Web Match
Alex Colon would steal the pin from Tim Donst and eliminate Rickey Shane Page.  Then Danny Havoc would eliminate Tim Donst.  Finally, it was Havoc who finally ended his war with Alex Colon by eliminating him last.  Following the match, Danny Havoc would immediately cash in his wish of CZW Management and “give back to the future.”  Havoc wanted one last match with Rickey Shane Page void of outside interference.  Stay logged on to to find out when and where this match will happen!

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