Results from Saturday’s The Boss Is Back Event

For the first time since the hostile takeover at Tournament of Death 15, the Boss… John Zandig was Back! On Saturday, Zandig revived his vision of CZW when he invited a number of new competitors into the Combat Zone. Lio Rush made his return to the Combat Zone to defend the CZW Wired Championship against John Silver. Matt Tremont defended the CZW World Championship against the #1 Contender Joe Gacy. In the main event, Tim Donst teamed with Alex Colon to take on the team of Rickey Shane Page and Danny Havoc. To find out what went down, continue reading the results below.  For those wishing to witness the action for themselves, visit for the exclusive replay.

The Boss Is Back Results:

John Zandig Kicks of the Event
Zandig returned to the promotion he created once again in charge of it. The Ultaviolent Icon made it clear that tonight isn’t about him versus DJ Hyde, but about bringing his vision of CZW back to life.

Da Hit Squad def. Scarlet & Graves w/JT Davidson to retain the CZW Tag Team Championships
BLK Jeez would join the commentary team to watch this contest.  Following the match, Jeez would attack the knee of Monsta Mack.  Jeez would then challenge the Tag Team Champions to a rematch.

Curt Robinson def. Neiko Sozio in Sozio’s Retirement Match
Following the match, Sozio would attempt to shake the hand of his former student despite the Hook’s constant disrespect during the match.  However, Robinson would just turn his back and leave.  Sozio would then address the crowd on ending his Hall of Fame worthy career leaving to a standing ovation.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon def. Shane Strickland to retain the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Heritage Championship

Travis “Flip” Gordon def. “Too Hot” Steve Scott, Dan Barry, & Chuck Taylor in the Amazing Opportunity Four Way
Prior to the match, Alexander James would run down both Drew and Rory Gulak.  He then would demand Rory Gulak to put him in the match.  But after polling the crowd, Gulak would decide to put Steve Scott in.  Flip Gordon would shock the Combat Zone by defeating three veterans in his debut match with the Combat Zone.  Following the match, James would return and brutally assault the younger Gulak brother.

Jonathan Gresham def. Dave Crist w/Brittany Blake & JT Davidson; David Starr as Special Referee
Despite having issues with both men, his problems with Dave Crist were greater as Starr would help Gresham come out as the victor.  Following the match, an irate JT Davidson would demand one final match between Starr and Crist at Down With The Sickness.  Starr agreed under one condition, the match be a No Disqualification Match!

Lio Rush def. John Silver to retain the CZW Wired Championship

The Sons of Samoa Attack CZW Staff
Shockingly, the team of Afa Jr. & Lloyd Anoa’i  arrived and brutally assaulted one of the CZW Staff Members

Dub Boys vs. Nation of Intoxication ruled a No Contest
This match quickly turned to chaos as BLK Out, Pinkie Sanchez, John Wayne Murdoch, Reed Bentley, and Kyle the Beast all donning Pro-Zandig Shirts invaded the Combat Zone.  Devon Moore and Jeff Cannonball would come out to even the score as all 12 men battled all around the Flyers Skate Zone.  Zandig would come out to calm the situation and proclaim that CZW will become a family once again…  The competitors will battle in the ring like men, but after the match they will be brothers.  To achieve his vision he said he needs Old CZW Guys, New CZW Guys…  Zandig Guys AND DJ Guys!  He would proclaim that it was the beginning of a NEW CZW!

Matt Tremont vs. Joe Gacy for the CZW World Championship ruled a No Contest
This match would be thrown out when Greg Excellent and Jonathan Gresham ran-in and attacked Tremont and Gacy.  Both Gresham and Excellent demanded they get a World Championship shot that they felt they deserved.  Being the fighting champion he is, Tremont would agree.  He said that next month at Down With The Sickness, he would defend the championship against Gacy, Excellent, and Gresham in a Fatal Four Way Deathmatch!

Tim Donst & Alex Colon def. Danny Havoc & Rickey Shane Page in an Ultraviolent Tag Team Grudge Match
What was scheduled to be a traditional Tag Team Match would be changed by the CZW Referee at the last minute to an Ultraviolent Rules Match.  For Colon and Donst, it was a game of one-upsmanship.  The four men would battle all across the building, but it would be Colon taking out Havoc that would spell the end.  However, Donst would steal the pinfall victory from Colon in the end.

Joey Janela Returns 09/10/16
The Boss is Back would end the night with footage of Joey Janela reliving the event that injured him and forced him to sit on the sidelines for the last three months.  The video would end with him back in his Bad Boy regalia and the screen would flash #JanelaRush4!

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